• One of the two fat guys is proud to have Welsh heritage which brings to the table a little humor, wit, and a bit of sarcasm.  The Welsh can make fun of themselves but are very serious about their heritage.  The sarcasm is strong with this American Dry gin with its herbal and citric forward notes which accompany the traditional juniper in a London Dry gin.  The Welsh American Fat Guy’s defiance to tradition follows in the footsteps of his ancestors; just doing it with a light hearted grin.  This gin will surprise new and old gin drinkers alike with its unique taste experience.
  • The red dragon has been an icon of the Welsh people which symbolizes their strength and resolve in keeping their heritage and culture intact.  This gin is a nod to celtic cousins and is drier than a Welshman’s wit.

Our Sarcastic Dry Gin is now available!  Ask your local liquor store for them to order you a bottle!