Thank you for showing interest in 2 Fay Guys Spirits and the products we offer!  Please complete the form with your questions, comments, compliments and complaints (if the complaint is you have an empty bottle, we can not help you with that).

Get our craft gin in your liquor store

If you do not see our product on the shelf of your favorite Montana liquor store, please reach out to us with the name and location of the store and will work on getting a bottle or two on the shelf.

The other way to request our product at your liquor store is to point the liquor store staff to our website and click the “Distribution Information” button in the top menu.  This will give them all the information needed to place an order with the state distribution warehouse.

If you are dying to get your thirsty lips around a bottle of 2 Fat Guys Spirits gin outside the state of Montana, please let us know where and try to pave a way to you.

Thanks for reaching out.  We will be in contact as soon as we can. Tally ho!

2 Fat Guys Spirits gin cocktail recipes illustration