2 Fat Guys Spirits founders Mike and Rich


Who would have thought a business idea would start from a 40th birthday party in Bozeman Montana in 2010?  One of the two fat guys was celebrating his birthday and one of his professors from Montana State University came to the party with her significant other, Greg. Greg handed a mason jar to the birthday boy and said “happy birthday”.  After seeing a quizzical face, he said “it is homemade gin”.  The gin was so incredible we asked him if he could show us the secrets to the good life and the rest is history.

Sadly this genius is no longer with us but his inspiration in distilled spirits lives on with us.

One of the two fat guys is a microbiologist, the other a mechanical engineer; a match made in distillate heaven.  Our spirits are created through a meticulous product development process within a laboratory environment with the result being a very well engineered product…….  Who are we kidding?  Years of practice along with some dumb luck have allowed us to produce some great spirits which we are so proud to share with you.  We hope you enjoy our line of products created in our wonderful Gallatin County in Montana.


Mike and Rich

A huge thanks to Dry Hills Distillery in Bozeman, Montana, where our gin is bottled.